Jason Calacanis: Upcoming Webinar

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Jason Calacanis: Upcoming Webinar 2

As part of VC Lab’s exclusive series of online events for emerging fund managers and technology entrepreneurs around the world, we are pleased to welcome Jason Calacanis to discuss the ‘State of the Venture Industry‘.

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The world of Venture Capital is experiencing profound change in many aspects. In today’s world of accelerated change, venture capital is driving technological innovation.

Globally, the venture industry has seen rapid growth in both investments and exits. Disruptive entrants such as Tiger Capital are deploying new investment strategies to achieve out scaled returns while elite funds such as Sequoia are leading the vanguard in tailoring fund structures for their long term needs.

More on Sequoias new fund structure.

On the flip side, We are seeing a shift in founder preferences which is contributing to the rise of NextGen‘ VCs.

In the growth stage there is a lot of undifferentiated dilutive capital which founders are turning away from.

Founders choose individuals and relationships over firms and institutions

Jason Calacanis & Chamath Palihapitiya on the All-In Podcast

The hour-long Q&A will deep dive into this topic and will be valuable to VCs, LPs, entrepreneurs and especially emerging fund managers.

About the speaker:

Jason Calacanis is regarded as one of the best and most active angel investors of all time. He invests in around 100 companies a year and is an early investor in 7 unicorns such as Uber, Robinhood, Calm, Thumbtack and Metal Desktop to name a few. As an entrepreneur, Jason founded and exited WebBlogs and is also the founder of and LAUNCH

Jason is the author of the highly-acclaimed investment book ‘Angel: How to Invest in Technology Startups’, which explores Jason’s insights from his 25 years of experience.

As the host and member of one of the most popular tech podcasts in the world in ‘The All in Podcast’, with fellow investors Chamath Palihapitiya, David Sachs and David Friedberg,  he regularly deep dives into market trends and the world of Venture Capital.

Jason also has his own show, ‘This Week In Startups’ where he talks about tech companies and interviews founders and also is a regular on CNBC, where he voices his opinions on the tech industry. Read more on Jason here.

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