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VC Lab Cohort 7 is open for admissions

Announcing the launch of the next Cohort of the leading venture capital accelerator

Applications are officially open for Cohort 7 of the venture capital accelerator by VC Lab.

The goal is to have all participating managers close funds during or before Q4 of 2022.

VC Lab is the premiere free program to launch and grow a top decile venture capital fund or venture studio. Thousands of new and emerging managers from around the world have applied to previous Cohorts, making the application process competitive. 

For the best chances of admission to Cohort 7, applicants will be asked to have:

(1) a strong application video

(2) a well-constructed investment thesis

(3) a referral from alumni, if possible

Applications are processed in the order that they are received, giving early applicants an edge.

VC Lab Outpacing
Actual and projected venture capital firm launches from the VC Lab accelerator.

VC Lab will double the number of venture capital firms launched worldwide in 2022. Portfolio venture capital firms have already completed hundreds of investments, achieving early fund multiples by funding leading startups worldwide.

VC Lab Stats
VC Lab accelerator statistics through Cohort 4. Cohort 5 and Cohort 6 are currently operating.

VC Lab is working to help as many managers as possible launch and grow enduring venture capital firms. To this end, we are hosting a series of free events:

Inside VC
6 Insights to Build a World-Class VC Anywhere

Venture Trends
Discuss Venture Trends with GPs and LPs (Online)

The Early Admissions Deadline Cohort 7 is set for April 10th, 2022, and the Final Deadline is May 15th, 2022.

Note that the venture capital accelerator is a closing program, not a learning program. If you are not in a position to close a fund within 2022, then you may want to consider a job at VC Lab. Job openings at VC Lab are listed here.

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