The Venture Institute: The VC Career Launchpad

A completely free training program to train venture capital leaders

VC Lab is launching Venture Institute 2, a completely free training program designed to train and educate the rising tide of new venture capital leaders. The program consists of  two months of focused training, plus an additional two months of practical on-the-job experience which aims to enrich the knowledge base of venture professionals..

Unlike other programs, such as Kauffman Fellows and Venture Unlocked, the Venture Institute is completely free. The program is open to all, and participation will be limited only by the size of the program. Strong participants should expect to receive job offers in venture capital after the conclusion of the program.

Venture Institute AMA Video
Watch the AMA to learn more about the Venture Institute.

The Venture Institute normally fills up after one week of admissions being open, so it is best to apply right away.

Who is the Venture Institute for?

The Venture Institute is for individuals keen on breaking into the venture capital industry. These include:

  • Aspiring Associates: If you’re looking to get an entry-level job in venture capital, this program will equip you with a solid understanding of the venture capital model and the skills necessary to contribute to a venture capital firm.
  • Future Venture Partners: Are you eyeing a significant role within a venture capital firm? This program dives into the intricacies of managing relationships with limited partners, sourcing deals, and evaluating startups—all crucial skills for a venture partner.
  • Potential Venture Capitalists: Whether you’re an industry professional with years of experience or an entrepreneur wanting to shift gears, if you’re considering launching your own venture capital firm, the Venture Institute provides the  knowledge foundation you need. You will learn about fund structures, capital allocation strategies, and legal considerations, among other essentials.

Regardless of your experience, seniority, or career interests, the Venture Institute will offer knowledge and experience in venture capital, allowing participants to make more intelligent career decisions in the industry.

What are the Venture Institute details?

Venture Institute’s program is comprehensive and engaging, with a well-rounded selection of resources to bolster your learning and foster your professional development. Here are some additional details about what you can expect from the program:

  • 1. Weekly Reading: The curriculum is structured around weekly readings that cover a variety of venture capital topics. These readings provide the foundational knowledge you’ll need to navigate the industry effectively.
  • 2. Weekly Activities: Alongside the readings, you’ll be tasked with weekly activities to apply what you’ve learned and gain practical experience. For example, you might be analyzing the structure of a venture capital firm, calculating the potential return of an investment, or creating a pitch deck. 
  • 3. Weekly Meetings: To supplement the training, there will be weekly Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions where you can pose questions and receive direct responses from industry veterans. Additionally, weekly working group meetings will provide a platform for group discussions and collaborative problem-solving.
  • 4. Free Tools: As a participant in the program, you’ll gain access to free tools such as Decile Hub, a platform designed for VCs to source, track, and manage deals. This will offer you hands-on experience, making your transition into the industry smoother.
  • 5. Working Groups: The program is designed to be collaborative, allowing you to learn from your peers as much as from the curriculum itself. Working groups will be set up to facilitate the exchange of ideas, best practices, and experiences.
  • 6. Vibrant Community: In addition to working groups, you’ll also be part of a vibrant community of peers, sharing the journey towards becoming a venture capitalist. This network will provide valuable connections and potential  opportunities for collaboration in the future.
  • 7. Regular Assessments: Your progress will be monitored via weekly submissions, which will be reviewed for completeness. This ensures a consistent pace of learning and offers an opportunity for feedback and improvement.

In short, the Venture Institute program is thoughtfully designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of venture capital, along with the practical skills and professional network you need to excel in this exciting field.

What is the Venture Institute curriculum?

The eight Sprint curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the entire venture capital model, including operations. As with other VC Lab programs, the curriculum will be updated based on the performance and needs of the participants. Here’s what you can expect from the program:

  • Sprint 1: Venture Capital 101 (October 4th) | Learn about the VC Lab Way. Participants gain a fundamental understanding of the venture capital industry, its role in funding startups, the investment process, and the timeline and stages of venture capital funding.
  • Sprint 2: Venture Structures (October 18th| This Sprint’s curriculum provides insight into the various types of venture capital firms, the roles within these firms, their structure, and the legal considerations involved. It also includes a comparison of different VC firm structures.
  • Sprint 3: Venture Fund Economics (October 25th| Sprint 3 focuses on the economics of venture capital funds, exploring the sources of returns, the power law distribution, key fund metrics, and capital allocation strategies and risk management.
  • Sprint 4: Limited Partners 101 (November 1st| Participants will learn about the types of limited partners, the art of pitching and negotiating with them, fundraising best practices, and ways to build and maintain relationships with limited partners.
  • Sprint 5: Venture Deals (November 8th| The curriculum delves into strategies for deal sourcing, evaluating startups, the due diligence process, and the intricacies of term sheets, valuation, and deal negotiation.
  • Sprint 6: Venture Operations (November 15th| This Sprint involves the management of key documents, compliance and regulatory requirements, and using tools and software for fund management.
  • Sprint 7: Venture Accounting (November 29th) | Participants will learn about capital calls and distributions, management fees and carried interest, capital account calculations, and portfolio performance monitoring.
  • Sprint 8: Venture Careers (December 6th) | The final Sprint focuses on building a personal brand in the VC industry, career paths, emerging trends in venture capital, and gives participants an opportunity to work on sample projects.

Over eight Sprints, participants will explore a variety of topics, each one illuminating a different aspect of venture capital. This broad coverage will equip participants with a well-rounded understanding of the field.

What are the benefits of completing the Venture Institute?

The Venture Institute will aim to accept as many participants as possible—and all who complete the full program and become certified by VC Lab will receive these benefits:

  • Venture Certified: Participants will be officially certified as understanding the venture capital model as of the date of program completion, and they will be listed on a central repository for checking by interested employers, etc.
  • Hub Certified: Participants will leave the program with an expert level of understanding on how to use Decile Hub, the top rated venture capital platform used by over 400 firms monthly
  • Global Venture Network: Alumni will join a vibrant and active community of peers from around the world, available 24 hours per day to answer questions, share opportunities and discuss challenges.
  • Career Advancement: The deep understanding of venture capital and of how startup ecosystems operate worldwide will help alumni with their careers, whether running a startup, entering venture capital, or working in a startup adjacent field, such as running an accelerator.

We also plan to offer opportunities to promising candidates from The Venture Institute at the end of the program. This might include the opportunity to receive additional training or learn on the job at a number of growing and enduring venture firms:

  • Job Opportunities: There will be a handful of venture job opportunities immediately available for highly-qualified alumni at the completion of the program.
  • Additional Training: Top participants will receive pre-acceptance into the prestigious VC Lab program, the leading venture capital accelerator with less than a 10% acceptance rate.

What are the job opportunities I can get from the Venture Institute?

Once the two month training program is complete at the end of September 2023, the Venture Institute will offer the most promising participants apprenticeships for to get hands-on experience in venture ecosystems. The potential two-to-three month apprenticeships include:

  • 1. Venture Associate in Training at VC Lab: In this role, you’ll work directly with VC Lab, interacting with international funds in their portfolio. Your tasks may include facilitating cross-border communications, assisting with investment analysis, and managing partner relationships. This role will give you an expansive view of the global VC ecosystem and let you experience the dynamics of managing international funds.
  • 2. Associate in Training at a Venture Capital Fund: If you’re looking to build a strong foundation in venture capital, an Associate in Training role might be perfect for you. You’ll be working with a fund to source potential investments, conducting market research, and helping with due diligence on potential portfolio companies. This role offers a hands-on approach to understanding the venture capital process from sourcing to investment.
  • 3. Venture Partner in Training at a Venture Capital Fund: As a Venture Partner in Training, you’ll work closely with the venture partners of a fund to review specialized deals. You might be examining market trends, developing investment theses, and assisting in deal negotiation and structuring. This position provides a closer look at strategic decision-making in the venture capital industry.
  • 4. Accelerator Operations in Training at Founder Institute: This role offers you the chance to dive into the operations of a leading startup accelerator. You’ll work with Founder Institute to support their efforts in aiding early-stage startups, with responsibilities ranging from program coordination to startup evaluation and support. This is an excellent opportunity to see first-hand how accelerators play a crucial role in the ecosystem, and how they support founders in their journey.
  • 5. Fundraising Mentor in Training at Founder Institute: As a Fundraising Mentor in Training, you’ll be assisting startups with one of the most challenging aspects of their journey: fundraising. Your role at Founder Institute will involve guiding startups through the fundraising process, advising on pitch deck preparation, investor outreach strategy, and negotiation tactics. This apprenticeship offers a unique perspective into the fundraising process from the startup side, thereby equipping you with a more holistic understanding of the venture capital landscape.

In each of these roles, you’ll be actively involved in the day-to-day operations of a venture capital fund, honing the skills you’ve learned during the training program. Upon completion of the apprenticeship, VC Lab leverages its extensive network of over 350 alumni funds and a broad community of friendly funds to place outstanding participants in long-term positions. This commitment extends the program’s benefits far beyond the duration of the training, potentially kickstarting your successful career in venture capital.


The training program offered by the Venture Institute is an excellent resource for individuals aiming to enhance their understanding of the venture capital model. By pairing theoretical knowledge with practical experience, participants will have the opportunity to gain valuable insights and skills that can be applied in real-world venture capital scenarios. By fostering a thorough understanding of venture capital, the Venture Institute aims to contribute to the growth of future leaders in the field. We welcome everyone to join this program and prepare themselves for a successful career in venture capital.

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