Decile Base: The AI for VC

Announcing the first venture capital knowledge base powered by AI

Decile Base is an AI-powered knowledge base designed specifically for the venture capital industry. This new product by VC Lab provides immediate responses to complex questions related to all facets of venture capital operations based on decades of Venture Capital experience and best practices from hundreds of new venture firm launches.

The platform’s strength lies in its combination of a Quora-like Q&A system and a generative AI built on Chat GPT. This integration allows Decile Base to instantly deliver the answers assembled from a collection of >1,000 existing questions answered by industry professionals. If the answer is not available, then the question is posed to industry experts.

Decile Base is in BETA as part of Decile Hub, the top vertical SaaS platform for running venture capital firms. The BETA version is currently available for the VC Lab community and has seen fast adoption.

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Why Decile Base

Decile Base is designed to answer any question on the nuances of global venture capital in real time based on the collective knowledge of top industry experts. This provides immediate value to VC firms in the form of:


Decile Base mitigates the need to engage pricey third-party professionals, such as lawyers and other back office providers, to answer basic everyday questions about venture capital operations.


Decile Base gets you an expert validated answer to a VC related question without needing the exact terminology, eliminating the need for search.


Decile Base provides most answers instantly using AI, and, if the instant answer is not available, the user can ask the question to experts and build the knowledge base.

Real Time Responses

Decile Base is able to answer both basic and advanced questions in real time. The AI answers are provided succinctly in a paragraph of text. If a user needs more information, they can ask another question or read one of the source answers from the Q&A System. Here are some AI instant answers:

Basic Venture Questions

Q: How long do exits take in venture capital?

A: In venture capital, exits can take a significant amount of time, often ranging from 8 to 12 years. This timeline can be even longer for pre-seed funds or startup studios, where exits may take longer than the life of the fund itself. However, in some successful cases, exits were possible as early as the Series A round through secondary transactions. The exact timeline can vary greatly depending on the specific circumstances of each investment.

Expert Trained Generative AI Answer on Decile Base

Q: How are management fees structured?

Management fees are typically calculated annually on the total fund size that is closed. The fee often starts off larger for the active investment period and reduces over time to an average over the fund life, which is typically 2%. These fees are usually paid on the basis of committed capital and are drawn from the called capital, as defined in the legal agreements. The management fee can vary, but it’s advised to stick with the regular 2% to keep the focus on the investment thesis.

Advanced Venture Questions

Q: Can you provide guidance on setting up a special purpose vehicle (SPV) for co-investment opportunities?

A: Setting up a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for co-investment opportunities involves creating a separate legal entity for a specific investment or project. This is typically done to isolate the risks and liabilities associated with a particular investment from the parent company or venture fund. SPVs are often used for follow-on rounds into portfolio companies, with a portion of pro rata rights allocated to an LP. However, it’s important to note that SPVs are not considered real venture funds and the economics are usually smaller. They are viewed as more complex angel investments and do not impact your track record as a fund manager.

Q: What are the best strategies for managing potential conflicts of interest within a venture capital fund?

A: The best strategies for managing potential conflicts of interest within a venture capital fund include setting up an LPAC (Limited Partner Advisory Committee) to manage conflicts, disclosing all potential conflicts of interest in the Limited Partner Agreement, and ensuring any roles in other funds are disclosed. It’s also important to avoid having too many advisors or venture partners to prevent complications in legal agreements. If conflicts arise, they should be managed via an agreement or the conflicting situation should not proceed.

Decile Base will not answer questions that do not have relevant answers in the knowledge base.

The Offering

The Decile Base system offers the following to anyone with a question about venture capital:

  • – Instant AI Assistance: Users pose legal, accounting, business, or strategy questions and receive immediate responses from our AI.
  • – Populated Q&A System: The AI makes use of a database with over 1,000 previously asked and answered questions across various categories.
  • – Certified Responses: The AI answers by prioritizing responses that are certified to be more accurate from the Q&A System.
  • – Knowledge Limits: The AI refrains from answering queries for which it cannot find reliable responses from the Q&A System.
  • – Community Support: If a question goes unanswered by the AI, users can post the question to the community and experts in the Q&A System.
  • – Threaded Comments: Users can engage in discussions, offer clarifications or delve deeper into any answers provided within the Q&A System.
  • – Voting System: Users can vote on the most accurate answers, which allows the system to provide both popular and certified responses to the AI.

Artificial Intelligence

The AI system in Decile Base is designed to make venture capital knowledge accessible regardless of expertise in the field. It employs the power of Chat GPT, a large language model developed by OpenAI, to process user queries and generate accurate responses. The AI sifts through a database of questions and answers, analyzes the most accurate answers, and provides an accurate response instantly.

The AI only answers a question when there is accurate answers in the Q&A System and will refuse to answer questions without reference material. This approach is designed to prevent AI from trying to invent answers. Additionally, the AI identifies related questions within the Q&A System, allowing users to see more comprehensive answers and relevant discussions.

Q&A System

The Q&A System of Decile Base is designed to provide detailed answers to common venture capital questions and to help with unique situations. It enables users of any skill level to pose a venture capital question, and there is a community of professionals available to provide, vote on, and discuss answers. As the name suggests, Decile Base, collects and categorizes the questions and answers to create a knowledge base on venture capital to train the AI.

The system encourages a vibrant community of professionals answering questions through voting and a threaded discussion for each answer. Users ask for clarifications, discuss answers, and provide additional insights. A team of experts from VC Lab and Decile Group are on hand to answer questions, and they certify the most accurate answers to help train the AI.

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The Potential Impacts

Decile Base was developed to inspire a more inclusive, transparent, and efficient venture capital industry.

Democratizing Information

Traditionally, venture capital has been perceived as an exclusive domain, accessible primarily to a select few with the necessary connections, expertise, and resources. This exclusivity has been further exacerbated by the complexity and obscurity of information related to venture capital transactions. However, with Decile Base, this scenario can change.

The platform’s capacity to answer intricate queries related to legal, business, and strategy aspects of venture capital operations stands to democratize information access. This has the potential to level the playing field, enabling not just industry veterans but also newcomers and those traditionally marginalized in the sector to participate fully and effectively. The promise of a more inclusive venture capital industry could catalyze a new wave of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Promoting Transparency

A key challenge in the venture capital industry is the lack of transparency, with information often sequestered behind legal jargon, complex business terms, and a lack of standard operating procedures. Decile Base’s knowledge base, underpinned by a Q&A System vetted by seasoned professionals, could pierce this veil of opacity.

The platform’s AI-driven insights, based on certified answers and popular votes, could illuminate the complex venture capital operations, bringing much-needed transparency to the industry. This enhanced transparency could, in turn, bolster trust, collaboration, and fair competition among venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders.

Driving Efficiency

In an industry where timing can significantly impact investment outcomes, the ability to swiftly and accurately answer a wide array of questions is invaluable. By replacing the need for engaging multiple third-party professionals, Decile Base could expedite decision-making processes, drive operational efficiencies, and result in considerable cost savings. This enhanced efficiency could contribute to faster deal closures, improved portfolio management, and potentially, better return on investments.

Fostering Education and Innovation

Decile Base serves as not just a practical tool, but also a learning resource for those keen on understanding the venture capital industry. The platform could stimulate self-directed learning, continual skill enhancement, and informed decision-making among venture capitalists and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, the ease of access to critical information could spur innovation in deal structures, business strategies, and other areas of venture capital operations. This culture of innovation, spurred by the easy availability and exchange of information, could lead to more creative solutions and strategies in venture capital.


Decile Base is in BETA and freely currently available for participants and graduates of the VC Lab accelerator. Plans to broaden its availability are being explored.

Wrap Up

Decile Base, with its integration of a Stack Overflow like Q&A System and generative AI, is poised to reshape the landscape of venture capital operations. By providing immediate, accurate, and detailed answers to complex venture capital queries, it eliminates the need for expensive third-party vendors, improves information accessibility, and fosters a more inclusive venture capital sector.

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NOTE: If you have a questions that you want to ask Decile Base while the offering is in BETA, ask in a reply, and we will post the result.

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