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The Female Venture 50 – equal representation in VC

VC Lab is introducing a set of industry benchmarks and incentives to change the face of venture capital. Our first initiative is Female Venture 50. 

As the name implies, this program is focused on ensuring that there is an equal number of women working as peers to men in the global venture capital market. In 2022, less than 5% of leadership positions at venture capital firms worldwide are held by women.


As a Female VC with a tech edge, I wanted to become the kind of investor that I would have liked to see in front of me. Representation matters.

Loretta Tioiela, Founder & Managing Partner, Next Sequence

By the end of 2023, VC Lab will work to ensure that the following annual objectives are achieved:

2023 Objectives: New Manager VC Firms 
45%1+ female team members in at least a venture partner capacity
35%1+ female investment decision maker
25%1+ female Managing Partner
15%All Female Managing Partner(s)
VC Lab Targets for New Manager VC Firms accelerated through the end of 2023

I’ve met countless, experienced women General Partners who echo stories of belittlement and doubt, regardless of their stellar track record and exemplary experience.

Diane Yoo, FilKor Capital

In addition, six female lead venture capital firms will receive complimentary access to the Decile Track each year. The program offers hands-on coaching from fund formation leaders, exclusively available to the 10% of the best new managers worldwide.

The current VC Lab stats for female participation in venture capital funds are:

2022 Actuals: New Manager VC Firms 
27%1+ female team members in at least a venture partner capacity
18%1+ female investment decision maker
16%1+ female Managing Partner
9%All Female Managing Partner(s)
VC Lab Actuals for New Manager VC Firms accelerated to date in May, 2022

Beyond female participation in the workforce of venture capital, it is our goal to ensure equal leadership in the management of VC firms and in the VC industry. We are here to help.

The time has come to change the face of venture capital. The industry has a poor reputation among many talented entrepreneurs, deservedly so. We are going to change it.

Adeo Ressi, CEO of VC Lab