Limited Partners

VC Lab offers a number of resources and events for Limited Partners.

Our growing set of resources on everything LPs need to know about Venture Capital with tailored news, insights and updates from VC Lab.


VC Lab is on a mission to launch and grow a 1,000 enduring venture firms by 2025.

Via our Genesis accelerator program, we have access to some of the best new venture capital fund managers around the globe.

Through their niche areas of focus, expertise and theses, VC Lab fund managers and alumni offer Limited Partners exposure to new and existing markets.

We actively encourage limited partners to engage with us for synergistical alliances.

Introduction to Venture Capital

Becoming a Limited Partner

How to Invest in Venture Capital

The Venture Capital asset class is booming right now and many investors are looking to become a limited partner in a VC fund. Here is a brief 6 step guide to investing in a venture capital fund.

The Limited Partners Perspective


VC Lab has a number of offerings to help Limited Partners learn about and connect with early-stage emerging managers worldwide. If you would like to engage more in the VC Lab ecosystem and attend any of our private events, please contact us below.