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A PACT (“Pledge Agreement for Capital Transaction”) is a non-binding letter of intent signed by a qualified investor to indicate their desire to invest a specific amount of money into a venture capital fund or startup.

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Vote on Q1 2023 Venture Trends

Join us on December 13th to discuss these trends with general partners and limited partners from around the world. Q3-Q4 2022… In Q3 and continuing into Q4, global venture capital investments fell from all-time highs. While there is uncertainty about the recession, more early-stage companies and funds are also being formed, deals are being done, and exits taking place, which still places the industry above historical averages. What’s next for…

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Watch VC Lab AMA – September 13th, 2022

Are you thinking about starting an enduring venture capital firm in 2022? Watch our AMA of the most commonly asked questions from aspiring general partners. Receive tips and tools to avoid challenges and costly mistakes. VC Lab is the leading venture capital accelerator for emerging managers worldwide. Admissions are now open for Cohort 9. Apply here.

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