Venture Capital Accountant Jobs

An Outline of the Exciting Job Opportunities for Accountants in Venture Capital

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Venture Capital is driving technological innovation throughout the world and the asset class is continuing to see increased growth in job opportunities, particularly in accounting. With the value of exited U.S venture-backed companies reaching all-time highs in 2021 ($595bn) and nearly doubling from the previous years, the asset class is thriving, and both the number of startups and funds are sharply on the rise.  As a result, great opportunities are presented to enter the venture capital asset class, which has particularly been challenging to break into in the past.

Why Venture Capital?

Venture capital and private equity funds rank as one of the top sectors in compensation for accountants. To some estimates accountants in venture capital can earn around 35% more than their contemporaries in other sectors. This places venture capital in the top quartile of sectors for accountants alongside adjacent investment vehicles such as hedge funds. Additionally, the industry is expected to continue growing well beyond 2030 and the combination of VC and PE is expected to make up more than 50% of the ‘alternative asset’ category by 2050. This continued growth presents quite a compelling opportunity for accountants looking to enter a rewarding and thriving industry

The fact that venture capital is the single biggest instrument of change and progress is a further added reason as to why it is so appealing and why it is ranked as one of the most rewarding and fulfilling industries to work in. Though the industry makes up for less than 5% of all investments in the economy, it’s responsible for a considerable amount of the new jobs created. Venture-backed startups are leading the vanguard of companies that are changing the world; from literally shooting for the stars to tackling recycling,  the asset class is a remarkable medium for positive change in the world. 

The Opportunity

VC Lab is on track to launching 1,000 enduring venture capital firms by 2025 and as such, we too are looking for a fund accountant to join our growing team. This exciting opportunity will enable you to contribute to our mission of changing the venture capital industry worldwide and consequently the world. 

The ideal person will share our core purpose, beliefs, and determination to positively impact the venture capital industry and create positive change in the world. You should have an avid interest in startup and venture capital finance. Additionally, you will be familiar with the nuances of venture capital accounting as this role will entail working with multiple venture capital firms across the globe. In this role, you will help set up and manage multiple accounts in a fast-paced start-up environment. With this comes boundless opportunities for personal growth and development as well as the opportunity to work with a global team of experts and fund managers.

If you are this person or know a suitable candidate, find below the full job description and the application within.

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