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The VC Accelerator

VC Lab runs the venture capital accelerator, and created Cornerstone Launch, a turnkey fund formation and fund admin offering.

The VC Lab Accelerator is an intensive online program that helps talented and motivated venture capitalists to launch Series A, Seed, Pre-Seed, Venture Studio and Accelerator funds worldwide.

The goal of the 16-week accelerator program is for participants to complete a close with Limited Partners in 6 months or less.

The Accelerator provides fund-building structure, proven advice, mentorship and peer support to reduce the barriers of entry to the low-transparency and high-cost world of venture capital.

VC Lab is working to transform
venture capital
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Adeo Ressi, CEO of VC Lab

Launch Your Dream VC Firm

Plan, launch and close your fund with the venture capital accelerator. The Final Deadline to submit an application is
June 5th, 2022.

Accelerator Benefits

The VC Lab Accelerator is the get-it-done program for committed next generation venture capitalists. The curriculum is rooted in experience launching 14 funds at Founder Institute, and is updated constantly with new insights from the community and ecosystem. Since VC Lab started in March 2020, the accelerator has launched over 100 Firms.

Benefits to next generation managers include:


Complete your next closing 6 to 9 months faster by following a proven methodology and avoiding common and costly mistakes.


Follow weekly activities to plan and build your fund with instructions, guide and documents to ensure your success.


Build strong relationships with cohort members and win competitive deals while accelerating your fundraising process.


Warehouse attractive investments to make your fund compelling to limited partners with the help of Founder Institute’s global network.


Save invaluable time by accessing best-of-breed templates for everything from your pitch deck to legal agreements.


VC Lab has partnered with vetted service providers to offer discounts and promotions that help grow your fund.

VC Lab Stats
VC Lab Alumni performance after operating the venture capital accelerator 20 months.

Accelerator Schedule

The venture accelerator program runs for 16 weeks, and it is completely free for participants. The program is conducted online, and the fund-building work requires 25 hours per week to complete effectively. 

There are weekly webinars with experienced venture capitalists and related fund experts. There is a weekly session to discuss any fund-building questions, and there is an active community of peers to share best practices.

The program is results-oriented and not designed as an educational program. The curriculum covers everything needed to secure investment from limited partners.

Following is a snapshot of the program structure, and here is the full schedule.

  • Weeks 1 – 4: Thesis Refinement & Validation
  • Weeks 5 – 8: Fund Deck & Positioning
  • Weeks 9 – 12: Fund Financials & Overview
  • Weeks 13 – 16: Fund Formation & Funnel
  • Graduation: VC Lab LP Venture Forum & More

Participants pitch Limited Partners at strategic points during the program.

Ideal Candidates

The VC Lab Accelerator is a rigorous program with a selective admissions process. We are looking for professionals with any of the following: differentiated vision for a market, exceptional professional network or history of industry leadership.

Ideal backgrounds for the accelerator program include: 

Venture Capitalist

You worked at a venture capital fund and have managed money for limited partners, and now you are planning to launch your own fund.

Successful CEO

You are a leading founder in your ecosystem, have a grasp on a breadth of industries and founders regularly seek you out for advice.

Network Leader

You run a large professional network or have an active network of startups and investors, and you want to help leverage your network for funding.

Angel Investor

You have invested in several leading startups and have developed a portfolio that has generated a positive return.

Accomplished Executive

You are an accomplished executive that has held high-profile roles for notable organizations and founders regularly seek you out for help.

Founder Institute

You are a Founder Institute Local Leader or Mentor with a track record of helping startups to raise capital and knowledge of local VCs.

Free Resources

Here are helpful resources to launch your venture capital firm.

Investment Thesis

Use our Investment Thesis template and pre-curriculum to refine your fund focus.

Domicile Report

Read about the different domiciles where to set up your fund.


A lightweight Limited Partner Agreement to start forming your fund.

Build Your Dream VC Firm