Venture Trends: 2022 – The Year of VC

Vote on the top venture capital trends for 2022.

VC Lab is working with hundreds of venture capitalists to share insights on the defining trends in venture capital for 2022. For the last three years, venture capital has been the top-performing asset class, and the industry is continuing to experience momentous change. These developments are set to induce further major transformations in 2022 and consequently impact venture capital as a whole.

  • Will there be more limited partners entering the asset class?
  • Will valuations rise further beyond the historically high levels?
  • Will more Solo GPs launch funds to compete with the heavyweights?

On December 23rd, 2021 we are hosting Inside VC, discussing the investment trends that will define 2022. General partners and limited partners worldwide will partake in this forum to share their insights into the trends that are defining the industry.

If you are working in venture capital or are involved in the venture capital ecosystem, take a few moments to choose three trends that you feel are inevitable in 2022. VC Lab will make the poll results public and provide analysis on the results. Get started by sharing your insights below:

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