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VC Lab Launches Cohort 9

Cohort 9 will transform venture capital for the better

Applications are officially open for 9th venture capital accelerator by VC Lab

Final Admissions

November 6th, 2022

Program Start Date

November 17th, 2022

Program Completion

March 30th, 2023

You can start your application below:

The VC Lab accelerator will help launch over 60% of the venture capital firms created in 2022, accelerating as many as 300 firms just this year.


Our vision is to transform venture capital into a force for good in the world.

Our goal is to make Cohort 9 the largest program to date with exceptional leaders from all around the world. We want to help launch transformative funds that are passionate to back entrepreneurs solving the biggest challenges facing the planet and facing humanity today.

Cohort 8 broke every record over the summer of 2022. Over 2,400 Managing Partners started applications, and 25.9% of all enrolled Managing Parters are female. Cohort 8 even exceeded our 2023 target for the Female Venture 50 initiative, and we want to go further with Cohort 9.

Here are some of our big intentions for Cohort 9:

  • Hit 30% female enrollment of Managing Partners
  • Help launch firms that are working to reverse climate change
  • Support managers that are looking at ways to increase biodiversity
  • Inspire more investment into renewable energy sources

We believe that change is urgently needed to address pressing problems resulting from climate change. We believe the well-supported and well-funded entrepreneurs working to solve these global challenges are the best hope for humanity.

Now is the best time to start doing the right thing.

Adeo Ressi, CEO of VC Lab


We implemented rolling admissions for the first time in Cohort 8, which ended up being successful. For Cohort 9, we are looking at further enhancements:

  • Processing 70% of applications within 7 business days and 30% within 5 business days
  • Providing feedback on ways to improve incomplete or weak applications
  • Hosting events targeted to help applicants with the process
  • Streamlining and simplifying the application form
  • Providing sample answers and a sample video

Our goal is to create a positive experience when applying to the program, no matter what the outcome.


Our goal for Cohort 9 is to try and accelerate closing further, bringing the average time-to-close as close to 4 months as possible. Targeted improvements to the program include:

  • Pitching limited partners sooner and in higher volume
  • Accelerating the receipt of Hard Circled commitments
  • Engaging in more real-world events as the pandemic ends
  • Grouping managers by industry, particularly with crypto and sustainability
  • Developing supplemental online resources to assist with specialized fund needs

Cohort 9 Schedule

Final Admissions

November 6th, 2022

Program Start Date

November 17th, 2022

Program Completion

March 30th, 2023

2022-11-17Thesis Development– Meeting the community of emerging managers and leaders in VC industry
– Drafting the investment thesis
2022-12-01Venture Team– Reflecting on the team and required roles
– Quantifying the network
2022-12-08Deal Warehouse– Examining Track Record
– Identify future portfolio companies
2022-12-15Thesis Review– Validate your VC Investment Thesis with experts
– Preparing initial pitching materials
2022-01-12Fund Positioning– Begin developing your venture capital brand and identity
– Define the fund details
2022-01-19Fund Presentation– Create a world-class Fund Presentation
– Pick the crucial tools and platforms
2022-01-26Initial Pitch Meetings– Start pitching Limited Partners for feedback
– Begin relationships tracking and management
2022-02-02Fund Presentation Review– Validate your Fund Presentation with experts
– Secure initial PACT Limited Partner commitments
2022-02-09 Fund Economics– Refine the economic model for your fund and other entities
– Define the terms of the fund
2022-02-16Fund Overview & Deal Room– Continue pitching Limited Partners
– Optimize your materials for diligence
2022-02-23Pitch Meetings & Funnel– Build your Limited Partner funnel and increase fundraising
– Prepare for diligence on the upcoming investments
2022-03-02Pipeline Review– Validate your fundraising progress with experts
2022-03-09Fund Partnerships– Form industry partnerships for deal flow and credibility
– Identify legal support
2022-03-16Fund Closing Strategy– Formulate a strategy to close the fund
– Draft the Term Sheet
2022-03-23Fund Formation– Finalize Team Agreements
– Begin forming the fund entities
2022-03-30Fund Close & GraduationStart the closing process for your fund


We are grateful for the support of our partners, who share our vision for a more inclusive and innovative venture capital industry. Special thanks to:

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