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VC Lab Launches Cohort X

Cohort X will help make venture capital into a force for good

Applications are officially open for the 10th venture capital accelerator by VC Lab

Final Admissions

January 8th, 2023

Program Start Date

February 28th, 2023

Program Completion

July 12th, 2023

You can start your application below:

A VC renaissance for emerging managers

It has been a monumental year for venture capital. Despite uncertain market conditions, VC remains the top asset class for investors. Emerging managers are especially seeing a venture renaissance with VC Lab helping them along the way.

A snapshot of VC Lab’s impact:

✅ VC Lab will accelerate over 250 VC firms across 81 countries in 2022
✅ Our firms and emerging managers are raising over $50 MM per month
✅ 26% of the firms have women leaders
✅ 22% focus on impact and sustainability
✅ 17% of funds have an Africa/MENA focus
✅ 5,000 investments are being evaluated in the VC Lab platform

We are committed to making venture capital a force for good with our community of passionate fund managers. We believe venture has the power to transform, enable, and empower companies that are making our world better by solving the most pressing challenges facing humanity. Our commitment to the Mensarius Oath continues to provide a sturdy foundation.

Cohort 9 broke all previous records. 2,490 general partners started applications and 300 managers have enrolled. We want to continue to help the ecosystem thrive and will continue to make improvements to our offerings and free accelerator:

Cohort X Upgrades
  • New support for managers on Fund II or Fund III
  • An integrated and free platform to manage a fund, Decile Hub
  • Turnkey fund formation and admin in multiple domiciles, Decile Launch
  • More domain experts to help with pitching, models and strategy
  • Upgraded and free legal templates for the LPA, General Partner and ManCo
  • More online guides for advanced topics, such as Fund Expenses and General Solicitation
  • New tools to discover and share relevant limited partners
  • Improved onboarding to reduce program attrition
  • Enhanced peer working groups by stage, industry, geography and Thesis
  • Expanding systems for peers to share global dealflow
  • Additional partners and discounts to reduce launch and operating costs
  • and more… 🎉

Cohort X is continuing to improve the admissions process by building on the processes of Cohort 9, including:

Cohort X Admissions
  • Faster admissions processing
  • Refined applicant scoring and evaluation
  • Increased application assistance
  • Weekly events to learn about the program and venture capital
  • Continued women into venture capital

Now is the best time to start doing the right thing.

Adeo Ressi, CEO of VC Lab

We are excited about the endless opportunity in global entrepreneurship. Despite the latest headlines, great companies are still being funded by passionate investors and will create the change we need to see in the world. As always, VC Lab is here to help.

Cohort 10 Schedule

Final Admissions

January 8th, 2023

Program Start Date

March 1st, 2023

Program Completion

June 28th, 2023

2023-03-01Sprint 1 – Thesis Development– Meeting the community of emerging managers and leaders in VC industry
– Drafting the investment thesis
2023-03-15Sprint 2 – Venture Team– Reflecting on the team and required roles
– Validate the team setup and dynamic
2023-03-22Sprint 3 – Deal Warehouse– Examining track record
– Identify future portfolio companies
2023-03-29Sprint 4 –Thesis Review– Validate your VC Investment Thesis with experts
– Start pitching your Thesis to select limited partners
2023-04-05Sprint 5 – Firm Positioning– Create a brand for your VC Firm
– Grow the network for the firm
2023-04-12Sprint 6 – Fund Presentation– Create a world-class Fund Presentation
– Expand pitching to select limited partners
2023-04-19Sprint 7 – Initial Pitch Meetings– Setup infrastructure to expand pitching the fund
– Secure initial commitments to invest in the fund
2023-04-26Sprint 8 – Fund Presentation Review– Validate your Fund Presentation with experts
– Expand initial commitments to invest in the fund
2023-05-03Sprint 9 – Fund Economics– Refine the economic model for your fund and other entities
– Define the terms of the fund
2023-05-10Sprint 10 – Data Room– Get ready for LP diligence
– Start building your data room
2023-05-17Sprint 11- Pitch Meetings & Funnel– Build your Limited Partner funnel and increase fundraising
– Prepare for diligence on the upcoming investments
2023-05-31Sprint 12 – Pipeline Review– Validate your fundraising progress with experts
– Ensure 5% or more in commitments to the fund
2023-06-07Sprint 13 – Fund Closing Strategy– Formulate a strategy to close the fund
– Adjust the fund targets to ensure a successful close
2023-06-14Sprint 14 – Deal Process– Refine your process to complete fund investments
– Prepare initial legal agreements for closing
2023-06-21Sprint 15 – Fund Formation– Finalize a formation plan
– Begin forming the fund entities
2023-06-28Sprint 16 – Fund Close & GraduationStart the closing process for your fund


We are grateful for the support of our partners, who share our vision for a more inclusive and innovative venture capital industry. Special thanks to:

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