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Venture Capital Trends & Analysis Insights

Vote on Q1 2023 Venture Trends

Join us on December 13th to discuss these trends with general partners and limited partners from around the world.

Q3-Q4 2022…

In Q3 and continuing into Q4, global venture capital investments fell from all-time highs. While there is uncertainty about the recession, more early-stage companies and funds are also being formed, deals are being done, and exits taking place, which still places the industry above historical averages.

What’s next for Q1 2023?

Q4 has seen significant shifts with some of the biggest movements coming out of the crypto industry. What do you believe are the top trends that will impact the beginning of 2023?

Please choose up to three top trends for Q1 2023 from the choices below, and press “Submit.” VC Lab will publish the survey results. Join us to discuss next year’s major venture trends on Tuesday, December 13th, 2022.

Join us at Venture Trends on December 13th, 2022…

VC Lab is hosting the latest installment of Venture Trends, an interactive online forum where general partners and limited partners meet to discuss the latest issues facing venture capital worldwide. Each popular topic becomes a table at the event, where participants join engaging conversations about the future.