A Message of Hope for 2023

The global venture renaissance is fostering a bright future 🕊️

Positive change is needed in the world.

A renaissance is underway that will bring the change that is needed. It started with entrepreneurship, and it is now expanding to venture capital.

Today, there are passionate entrepreneurs working to build a bright future everywhere. They are disrupting antiquated industries. They are building solutions to the grand challenges of our time. They are creating innovations that will take humanity to new levels.

The global spread of the entrepreneurial renaissance has not yet been followed by venture capital. While accelerators and angels are operating in most countries around the world, professional sources of capital are isolated to a select few cities, like Silicon Valley, London, New York and Berlin.

The few fortunate cities with thriving venture capital ecosystems have seen more change, more innovation and more wealth creation in a virtuous cycle. This rise of professional investors in new cities and countries have fostered global unicorns in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and North America.

VC Lab Alumni by Region
2023 is the year that venture capital goes global.

Thriving venture capital ecosystems will emerge in primary cities and secondary cities everywhere. More global success stories will come from new parts of the world, like Slack, which was founded in Canada, or Spotify, which was founded in Sweden. This investment renaissance will help back startups in developed countries that solve grand challenges. It will also help fund startups in developing countries to leapfrog through innovation.

The new venture capitalists are different from their predecessors. They commonly have a strong sense of ethics and are working to invest in projects that make the world a better place. They are often specialists with domain expertise that look to help their portfolio companies in a more hands on manner. They build precision neuroscience funds, lifecycle packing funds, carbon capture funds and AI funds. They work on things that matter.

2022 was the year that the venture renaissance started.

The success of VC Lab in 2022 reflects the venture renaissance growth:

2022 Venture Renaissance

This is just the beginning. VC Lab will help launch over 350 venture capital firms in 2023, accelerating a greater percentage of VC firms working on Fund II and Fund III. The Mensarius Oath of ethical investing will be applied to the world of crypto investing. VC Lab will release new tools to help limited partners invest in the asset class and get real-time performance data. A global marketplace will be created to match funds, limited partners, and deals with one another.

I have never been more hopeful than I am now.

For most of my life, I have been thinking about ways to help change the world for the better. Investment will bring the change we need, and it could not happen at a better time. I foresee that billions of dollars will be invested into startups that will fix every grand challenge that we face everywhere in the world.

I believe that the global renaissance that started in entrepreneurship will expand to investment, and then this will bring a renaissance period to all of humanity. The seeds have been planted, and 2023 is the year that this evolution begins.

Imagine a world where there are ethical VCs everywhere, willing to help passionate entrepreneurs build world changing businesses.

Adeo Ressi, CEO of VC Lab
There are many ways to contribute.
  • Start a company that works on an important problem
  • Launch an ethical fund to back passionate founders
  • Invest in a startup or fund that is working on a problem that you care about
  • Help a startup or fund to grow that you are passionate about

The time is now to get involved. VC Lab is here to help.

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I admire your optimism and hope that 2023 will see the continued growth of ethical funds that help ethical entrepreneurs build new enterprises that make our world a better place in which to live

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