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Meet Decile Capital

Decile Capital is a family of funds set up to invest in promising alumni of the VC Lab program.

VC Lab is proud to announce the launch of Decile Capital, a family of funds set up to invest in promising alumni of the VC Lab program. The inaugural fund, Premier I, invests in the top 5% of new managers launched by VC Lab, which has accelerated 285 VC firms to date from 9,500+ candidates. 

Premier I closed in April of 2023 and was oversubscribed. The flagship fund has already backed 6 of 20 target portfolio funds, and Premier I has plans to invest in 14 new funds over the next 12 months. Decile Capital backs funds from the VC Lab accelerator that have been accepted into our Decile Partners firm success program. 

The portfolio includes an impact fund in LATAM that has backed a unicorn as well as a fund led by a leading social media influencer focused on social good, 444 Capital. Each portfolio manager backed by Premier I has demonstrated exceptional potential and has high ethical standards.

I can tangibly feel that we are changing the world for the better by backing ethical managers. We now help start, power, support, and fund venture capitalists worldwide.

Adeo Ressi, CEO of VC Lab and Managing Partner of Decile Capital

Ethics are at the core of the Decile Capital investment philosophy, and the firm adheres to the Mensarius Oath. Decile Capital believes in the values of integrity, fairness, and transparency, while working to create positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

Our vision is to become a driving force behind game-changing funds, fostering innovation, and delivering transformative impact. By supporting new managers and providing resources, mentorship, and guidance, Decile Capital will help shape the future of venture capital and contribute to a better world for all.

Applications for funding will officially open in June of 2023. If you are interested in funding from Decile Capital, start an application to the VC Lab accelerator here.

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