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Meet Decile Launch

Decile Launch provides fund formation and fund admin to top performing venture capital firms. The offering starts with a two-month structured program to establish the venture capital firm and close the fund. Then, the newly launched fund becomes a member of Decile Partners for fund accounting, deal reviews, real-time reporting, and strategic advisory support. The Decile Launch and Decile Partners offerings are all offered at a fixed price with no hidden fees.

Decile Launch simplifies the complex process of venture capital fund management, saving fund managers time and money, while allowing them to concentrate on what they do best – identifying, funding, and supporting high-potential investments.

Decile Launch Offering

Decile Launch and Decile Partners provide an all-inclusive and turnkey support from formation to operations.

Decile Launch Overview
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Decile Launch is End-to-End

The unified offerings of Decile Launch and Decile Partners replace a suite of vendors and team members, including fund formation, legal, back office, accounting, and specialized venture partners.

The relationship between member firms and Decile Launch is managed by a Venture Associate, so there is one person that always knows what is going on. The Venture Associate works with the managers through regular meetings and helps to bring in specialized experts, as well as helps to manage any external vendors required, such as tax.

Member firms of Decile Partners are reviewed every week by a multidisciplinary team of legal, accounting, tax, and other experts to ensure Firm Success, the gold star metric of Decile Launch and Decile Partners. Firm Success is measured by the economic performance of the funds, and the target is to produce top decile performance.

Decile Launch is Different

Decile Launch and Decile Partners include several unique offerings:

  • Success Playbooks: A multi-disciplinary team reviews each member firm weekly and recommends Success Playbooks to help with everything from finding limited partners to changing a team member.
  • Regular Meetings: The Venture Associate on each member’s account coordinates regular monthly meetings to check in on firm progress, assist with Success Playbooks, and engage appropriate domain experts.
  • World-Class Experts: Decile Launch offers free access to specialized venture capital professionals, including the former head of Treasury from Sequoia Capital, the leading fund modeling guru, and a former institutional limited partner.

Decile Launch Tools

Decile Launch and Decile Partners includes access to the premium back office tools of Decile Hub, the leading venture capital platform. The Venture Associate is available as needed to help member firms get the most value from the platform.

Benefits of Decile Launch

Decile Launch and Decile Partners offer numerous benefits for member firms:

  • It’s designed for emerging managers.
  • It optimizes the processes that firms need for success.
  • It provides an all-inclusive and turnkey offering.
  • It offers transparent and flat-rate pricing.
  • It delivers concierge support from a real person.


The Decile Launch and Decile Partners offerings, which have a 94 Net Promoter Score, are provided at a flat rate with no hidden fees. 

  • $50,000 Organizational Expense for formation and all closings paid by the fund
  • $25,000 annual Fund Expense for ongoing fund back office, operations, and support paid by the fund
  • 1% carried interest from the General Partner for ongoing advisory and expert access

Interested fund managers fill out an application to join Decile Launch, and approximately 1 in 3 firms are accepted. Cohorts are started approximately once a month and aligned with ideal closing times. Applicants that do not get accepted are automatically reconsidered for future Cohorts.


Decile Launch and Decile Partners offer an innovative, comprehensive solution for venture capital funds seeking to streamline their formation and operation processes. By providing a unified platform for legal, accounting, and strategic advice, Decile Launch empowers fund managers to focus on growing investments while they handle the administrative tasks, thereby making the venture capital process simpler and more efficient.

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Comprehensive Offerings

Decile Launch and Decile Partners include a comprehensive set of offerings as part of the membership to support every stage of a venture capital fund.

  • Template legal agreements
  • Entity establishment for the firm
  • VC-friendly bank account setup
  • Conflict of interest resolution
  • KYC checks on team members
  • Regulatory filings preparation
  • Legal agreements preparation
  • LP closing coordination and support
  • LP communication assistance and due diligence support
  • LP AML checks, closing notifications, and capital calls
  • LP wire validation
  • On-call domain experts and proactive fund assistance
  • Fund strategy reviews and fundraising guidance
  • Networking and partnership opportunities
  • Portfolio management and optimization
  • Fund accounting
  • Fund expense management
  • Firm accounting for GP & ManCo
  • Capital call management
  • Bank account reconciliation
  • Valuation policy administration
  • Dividend processing
  • Tax preparation assistance
  • Premium Decile Hub access
  • Investment deal review
  • Dealflow suggestions
  • Quarterly report assistance
  • Team member recommendations
  • Vendor discounts
  • Part-time Venture Associate for single point of contact
  • Success Playbooks for fund-building
  • Regular check-in calls
  • Private Slack group
  • Rapid response times