About the Accelerator

What is the VC Lab Accelerator?

VC Lab runs the leading venture capital accelerator for emerging managers worldwide.

It is a free, intensive, worldwide online program that helps talented and motivated venture capitalists to launch ethical venture capital firms.

The goal of the 16-week program is for participants to complete a close with Limited Partners in 6 months or less. 

VC Lab provides fund-building structure, proven advice, mentorship and peer support to reduce the barriers of entry to the low-transparency and high-cost world of venture capital.

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Our Typical Weekly Schedule




Week 1

Thesis Development

  • Meeting the community of emerging managers and leaders in VC industry
  • Drafting the investment thesis

Week 2

Venture Team

  • Reflecting on the team and required roles
  • Quantifying the network

Week 3

Deal Warehouse

  • Examining track record
  • Identifying future portfolio companies

Week 4

Thesis Review

  • Validating your investment thesis with experts
  • Preparing initial pitching materials

Week 5

Fund Positioning

  • Developing your brand and identity
  • Defining the fund details

Week 6

Fund Presentation

  • Creating a world-class presentation
  • Selecting crucial tools and platforms

Week 7

Initial Pitch Meetings

  • Pitching LPs for feedback
  • Starting relationship tracking and management

Week 8

Fund Presentation Review

  • Validating your presentation with experts
  • Securing initial PACT LP commitments

Week 9

Fund Economics

  • Refining the economic model for your fund
  • Defining the terms of the fund

Week 10

Fund Overview & Deal Room

  • Continuing to pitch LPs
  • Optimizing fund terms

Week 11

Pitch Meetings & Funnel

  • Building LP funnel
  • Preparing for diligence on upcoming investments

Week 12

Pipeline Review

  • Validating your fundraising progress with experts

Week 13

Fund Partnerships

  • Forming industry partnerships for deal flow and credibility
  • Identifying legal support

Week 14

Fund Closing Strategy

  • Formulate a strategy to close the fund
  • Drafting the term sheet

Week 15

Fund Formation

  • Finalize Team Agreements 
  • Begin forming the fund entities

Week 16

Fund Close & Graduation

  • Starting the process of closing your fund

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Apply to Cohort 13

The Early Admissions Deadline is October 9th, 2023.