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Updates on venture capital firms that are alumni of VC Lab.


“Four weeks ago I got accepted into the FI VC lab program and it has been a non stop journey ever sinceā€¦ in fact probably the most time-intense course I have ever done. And surely one of the most intense networking too. If you want to launch your own fund, get into VC, or understand that world better, I highly recommend this course. You meet emerging fund managers from all over the world, and your working groups, and the team behind FI VC lab keeps you very much on your toes and accountable.”

Vera Futorjanski, Founder at Veritas Ventures

Getting to VC Lab as one of the 2,000 people was very exciting. This journey [since the start of the program] was transformational, not only on a business level but also personal level. It pushes you, it gets you to expand and grow into a person you are meant to be. So if you ever consider becoming a VC fund, VC Lab is the place for you.

Isabel Starck, Founder at BlackTech Ventures

“I am a big fan of VC Lab because without VC Lab I would not be here. I never knew that I would be able to start a VC. I never thought that I had the skills and network to create the fund.

My start with VC Lab was slow and I had to review my work many times and I thought I would give up. But eventually things took off and I am very glad to be here. Doing a VC is very hard, way harder than I had anticipated but much more rewarding than I could have ever imagined

Sidney Nakahodo, Founder at Seldor Capital

During VC Lab we met a lot of people that were at the same stage as we were, people that have been running funds and people who did not know what a pitch deck is. So there is a range of people in the program and if you are wondering whether you are qualified for the program, especially if you are a woman – I guarantee you are. Just apply. Even if you get kicked out, making these 5 friends at the beginning is enough to get your snowball bigger.

Brittany Barreto, Founder at Coyote Ventures

In the program what surprised me is how much attention and care I received from Adeo and Mike. It was genuine what they were doing to help us win and succeed. It is not personal when they are giving feedback or criticizing materials. They genuinely want us to win and the whole program is set to aim for that.

Bryan Duarte, Founder at BlackTech Ventures

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