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Benefits of VC Lab

There are a lot of benefits to VC Lab, not the least of which is that you’ll get smart about launching your VC Firm. You’ll be part of an amazing community as well.

Having helped launch over 324 VC firms since July 2023, VC Lab’s accelerator provides aspiring general partners practical advice to power the next generation of enduring venture capital funds, 


VC Lab’s Pre Curriculum offers step-by-step guides for aspiring general partners to understand the process of launching a fund. 


The free, 16-week accelerator is designed for venture capitalists serious about starting and closing a fund and requires approximately 25 hours per week of fund-building work. 


Through Decile Group, VC Lab offers a suite of turnkey fund admin, formation, and other tools to maintain and manage funds and portfolio companies.

Our program differs from others because of the following


Complete your closing 6 months or less by following a proven methodology and avoiding common and costly mistakes.


Follow weekly activities to plan and build your fund all the way to a first close with instructions, guides, and documents to ensure success.


Build strong relationships with cohort members from around the world, engage with limited partners and win competitive deals while accelerating your fundraising process.


Warehouse attractive investments to make your fund compelling to limited partners with the help of Founder Institute’s and Decile Group’s global network.


Save valuable time by accessing best-of-breed templates for everything from your pitch deck to legal agreements.


VC Lab has partnered with vetted service providers to offer discounts and promotions that help grow your fund.

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Apply to Cohort 13

The Admissions Deadline is November 20th, 2023.