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VC Lab is building offerings to improve the experience of building and growing NextGen VCs. If you have a story to share about a NextGen VC firm, please share it below. We welcome any feedback, as well.


A substantial change in the venture capital landscape is underway. The asset class is awash with capital from investors and from returns. Established VC firms have grown, and many established firms faltered with succession planning of the Partners. Meanwhile, an increasing number of successful angels and entrepreneurs are interested in launching their own venture capital firms.

Amidst these transformations, a new class of early-stage investor is emerging, the NextGen VC. We are seeing more and more of these firms from all around the world in our venture capital accelerator program, and we see that they commonly share three attributes:

  • First, the NextGen VC partners have an ethical code of conduct, frequently working on an investment thesis with a social component. These new investors commonly care as much about making money as doing good in the world.
  • Second, the NextGen firms cultivate strong networks to raise capital, source dealflow and help portfolio companies. Many of these new firms have networking as part of their thesis, since they are focused on areas that have not benefitted from venture capital investment before.
  • Third, the NextGen VCs have a clear value-add for helping their portfolio companies. The new class of VC commonly gets involved with portfolio companies to provide their experience and skills.

Our overarching thesis is hands-on synergy

Andy Zain, a successful Next Generation VC investor.

We were inspired by this transformation to create VC Lab. It feels like an entire industry and asset class is about to undergo a major disruption. It’s an opportunity to contribute to the direction of innovation around the world. We invite any thoughts or feedback on what we have observed.

Thank you. – Adeo Ressi, CEO of VC Lab

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