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Who Should Apply?

VC Lab’s highly selective admissions process screens for entrepreneurs with a differentiated vision for a market, exceptional professional network, or a history of industry leadership.

Our community comes from diverse backgrounds in over 81 countries. 

Venture Capitalist

You have worked at a venture capital fund and have managed money for limited partners.

Successful ceo

You are a leading founder in your ecosystem, have a grasp on a breadth of industries and founders regularly seek you out for advice.

Network Leader

You run a large professional network or have an active network of startups and investors, and you want to help leverage your network for funding.

Accomplished Angel Investor

If you have invested in several leading startups and have developed a portfolio that has generated a positive return, you have a great foundation for a VC Lab candidate.

Former or Current Senior Executive

Are you an accomplished executive that have held high-profile roles for notable organizations and founders regularly seek you out for help? If so, consider applying!

Founder Institute Network Member

If you are a Founder Institute Local Leader or Mentor with a track record of helping startups to raise capital and knowledge of local VCs, you’d be a great candidate.

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Apply to Cohort 13

The Admissions Deadline is November 20th, 2023.