VC Lab Premier Accelerator Assistance

Meet Decile Start, Decile Launch, and Decile Partners

At Decile Group, we are proud to offer the best venture capital accelerator, VC Lab, and leading back office platform, Decile Hub, for free. We also offer top-rated closing and operations support for a fraction of the cost of other alternatives, boasting a world-class a 94 Net Promoter Score.

Decile Start helps managers secure more commitments from Limited Partners while in the VC Lab program. Decile Launch forms the entities and closes the fund once the manager has the necessary commitments. Decile Partners helps with the day-to-day operations, including accounting, investing, and reporting, as the fund grows. These programs are by application only for the top participants in the VC Lab accelerator.

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All of the member funds of Decile Partners are automatically considered for investment by Decile Capital, our fund of funds focused on new managers. If you are interested in learning more, submit information and book Office Hours with the team below:

Decile Start

Concierge Expert Support to Increase Fundraising Velocity

For managers that need more traction with Limited Partners to close, Decile Start provides a concierge service to accelerate fundraising velocity during the VC Lab program. The Decile Partners team provides hands-on support with building and enriching LP target lists, reviews and optimizes fundraising communications, reduces critical mistakes, and helps navigate LP objections to reach stronger closings faster. 

Decile Start offers fast track admissions into Decile Launch.

What does Decile Start offer?
  • Concierge Support: The Decile Partners team provides concierge hands-on support with building and enriching target lists with ideal LP archetypes, reviews and optimizes fundraising communications, reduces fundraising mistakes, and helps navigate LP objections.
  • LP Outreach Optimization: Member firms received specialized advice and recommendations for ideal LP archetypes, LP communication reviews and provides pitch role playing to reduce time to close while maximizing return on investment per unit of time spent fundraising.
  • Dedicated Slack Channel: Each member firm has a private Slack channel with their Venture Associate, experts, and key Decile Partners team members to address questions quickly, including sensitive or confidential matters.
Who can apply for Decile Start?

Decile Start is currently only available to VC Lab participants interested in joining Decile Launch. Anyone enrolled in VC Lab is invited to apply for Decile Start during the first eight weeks of the program.

How much does Decile Start cost?

Decile Start has a $1,000 USD/Month subscription payable upon signing. The subscription is credited to the Decile Launch retainer of $5,000.

Offering details can be found here.

Decile Launch

Turnkey Formation and Flat Rate Institutional Operations

Decile Launch is an application only comprehensive program that offers turnkey formation, business advisory and a flat rate institutional grade back office offering for top-performing venture capital firms in multiple domiciles. This program unifies an 8-week closing program, legal operations, fund accounting, deal reviews and strategic advice to help you close quickly with minimal setbacks and scale an enduring top decile VC firm.

What does Decile Launch offer?
  • Turnkey Formation: Quickly form your fund and firm entities through a structured 8-week closing program while reducing the complexity of managing multiple vendors and eliminates confusion.
  • Institutional Grade Operations: Get world-class support to operate your firm with a dedicated associate and team of senior experts to avoid unwelcome surprises from large vendor bills and unexpected expenses while helping you to navigate ethical, business and treasury issues.
  • On-Demand Business Advisory: Access world-class experts as needed to help with pitching, strategy, LP diligence, ethics, investment reviews, business operations, and more.
  • Deal Reviews: Deal memo and investment terms review by experts to prevent unforeseen issues while helping you consider various implications prior to an investment decision.
  • All-Inclusive: Decile Launch includes fund formation legal, legal operations, treasury, deal reviews; fund accounting, quarterly reporting, tax setup; business advisory with success playbooks, on-demand experts, and regular check-ins.
Who can apply for Decile Launch?

Decile Launch is currently only available to VC Lab participants. Applicants to Decile Launch need to have a strong Thesis and roughly $ 700k or 10% of the target fund size hard circled in PACTs, whichever is greater.

Offering details are specified here.

The Application Process

Managers are encouraged to review the offerings and book Office Hours as soon as possible to maximize the benefits of the offerings during the VC Lab program.

Interested participants are asked to submit some basic information about the fund and then schedule Office Hours. During the Office Hours, a Decile Partners team member will discuss where you are in the closing process, recommending either Decile Start or Decile Launch, depending on your needs.

The Admissions Team will review all of the collected information and meeting notes to render a final admissions decision. If you are accepted, you will be sent an Engagement Letter, invited into a private Slack channel, and start holding regular private Office Hours.

Please note that enrollment into the VC Lab program does not guarantee acceptance into Decile Start or Decile Launch.

Our Commitment to Transparency

At Decile Group and VC Lab, we work diligently to maintain transparency in our business. Our priority is to offer high-quality free offerings to the broadest possible audience, while our premium offerings are designed to provide additional value at fair, below-market rates. Our commitment to transparency extends to every aspect of our operations, as we believe that this is fundamental to building trust and long-term relationships with our partners.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the venture capital industry by offering high-quality, affordable resources to managers around the world. We believe in the power of venture capital as a force for positive change, and we’re committed to helping managers leverage this power to create lasting impact. By joining VC Lab, you’re joining a community of innovative managers dedicated to transforming the venture capital industry.