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The training and support materials for the top free venture capital education program worldwide


The Venture Institute is a free training program designed to train and educate the rising tide of new venture capital leaders. This program compliments VC Lab, the leading free accelerator for emerging venture capital firms.


Here are the support materials and guides for the first 4 Venture Institute Sprints in order. The Venture Institute has learning exercises associated with these materials, as well as an additional 4 Sprints that are not public.

VI 1.4

VC Funding Stages

Understanding the stages of venture capital funding…

VI 2.1

Venture Capital Structures

Understanding venture capital structures: Traditional Funds, Venture Builders, Special Purpose Vehicles, and Outsourced Funds…

VI 2.2

Venture Capital Entities

Demystifying the Entities: The Fund, The General Partner, and The Management Company…

VI 2.4

Venture Capital Roles

Understand the unique roles within a venture capital firm and their pivotal functions…

VI 3.1

The Power Law in VC

Understanding the dominant force for outsized returns in venture capital…

VI 3.2

Venture Fund Economics

Understanding the 2/20 model that governs most venture capital funds…

VI 3.3

Venture Fund Metrics

Understanding the key financial indicators of the venture capital model…

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Apply to Cohort 13

The Early Admissions Deadline is October 9th, 2023.

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Materials for the first four Sprints will be made publicly available here. The Sprints are:

Sprint 1: Introduction to Venture Capital Basics
  • Lesson 1: Overview of the Venture Capital Industry
  • Lesson 2: Role of Venture Capital in Funding Startups
  • Lesson 3: The Investment Process and Timeline
  • Lesson 4: Stages of Venture Capital Funding
Sprint 2: Venture Capital Firm Structures
  • Lesson 1: Venture Capital Structures
  • Lesson 2: Venture Firm Entities
  • Lesson 3: Venture Capital Processes
  • Lesson 4: Venture Capital Roles
Sprint 3: Venture Capital Fund Economics
  • Lesson 1: The Power Law in VC
  • Lesson 2: Venture Fund Economics
  • Lesson 3: Venture Fund Metrics
  • Lesson 4: Venture Allocation Strategies
Sprint 4: Finding and Closing Limited Partners
  • Lesson 1: The Importance of Limited Partners
  • Lesson 2: Limited Partner Archetypes
  • Lesson 3: Sourcing and Closing Limited Partners
  • Lesson 4: Maintaining Relationships with Limited Partners