Venture capital programs and events by VC Lab.


VC Lab runs Genesis, the venture capital accelerator program. Genesis is a free virtual program running for 16 weeks. The schedule of the next accelerator Cohort is here. The program is designed for venture capitalists serious about raising a fund, and it requires approximately 25 hours per week of fund-building work to complete a close in 6 months or less.

VC Lab also hosts a series of exclusive events for venture capitalists and limited partners. The goal of these events is to improve the craft of venture capital investing worldwide.

Cohort 5 Schedule

Final Admissions

November 7th, 2021

Program Start Date

November 18th, 2021

Program Completion

March 31st, 2022

2021-11-18Thesis Development– Meeting the community of emerging managers and leaders in VC industry
– Drafting the investment thesis
2021-12-02Venture Team– Reflecting on the team and required roles
– Quantifying the network
2021-12-09Deal Warehouse– Examining Track Record
– Identify future portfolio companies
2021-12-16Thesis Review– Validate your VC Investment Thesis with experts
– Preparing initial pitching materials
2021-01-06Fund Positioning– Begin developing your venture capital brand and identity
– Define the fund details
2021-01-13Fund Presentation– Create a world-class Fund Presentation
– Pick the crucial tools and platforms
2022-01-20Initial Pitch Meetings– Start pitching Limited Partners for feedback
– Begin relationships tracking and management
2022-02-03Fund Presentation Review– Validate your Fund Presentation with experts
– Secure initial PACT commitments
2022-02-10 Fund Economics– Refine the economic model for your fund and other entities
– Define the terms of the fund
2022-02-17Fund Overview & Deal Room– Prepare for due diligence with Limited Partners
– Set up the structure to support the fund’s launch
2022-02-24Pitch Meetings & Funnel– Build your Limited Partner funnel and increase fundraising
– Prepare for diligence on the upcoming investments
2022-03-03Pipeline Review– Validate your fundraising progress with experts
2022-03-10Fund Partnerships– Form industry partnerships for deal flow and credibility
– Identify legal support
2022-03-17Fund Closing Strategy– Formulate a strategy to close the fund
– Draft the Term Sheet
2022-03-24Fund Formation– Finalize Team Agreements
– Begin forming the fund entities
2022-03-31First Close & GraduationStart the closing process for your fund