Q4 2022 Venture Trends: strong deals are coming…

After a relatively calm Q3, what is in store for Q4 2022?

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Q3 2022 quieter pace…

Venture activity slowed a more normal pace in Q3 2022, as venture capitalists and limited partners took summer holidays. Both the pace of activity and the market volatility decreased.

Q2 2022 has record venture performance

Q2 2022 was one the strongest and the busiest quarters for venture capital in history. Record amounts of capital was raised. High levels of investment and high levels of returns help to create a historic quarter for the asset class.

Q4 2022 has competing forces

Competing forces have emerged in the venture ecosystem. On one side, venture capitalists have a lot of dry powder. On the other side, venture capitalists are hesitant to make capital calls with the market uncertainty.

There are strong companies that need growth capital, creating large opportunities. Some large companies are being marked down, which is mixed for the asset class. SPACs have been struggling.

“I see a lot of strong deals being done in Q4 of 2022 that set the stage for a top performing year in 2023. Strong deals inspire more engagement by limited partners.”

Adeo Ressi, CEO of VC Lab
What do you think is in store for Q4 2022?

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