VC Lab Cohort 12

Empowering the next generation of venture capitalists with strategic enhancements and revolutionary tools.

Introducing VC Lab’s Cohort 12, an improved fund launch experience for the leading venture capital accelerator. Key initiatives include a new Fund of Funds track designed to diversify portfolios and stimulate VC investments, especially targeting emerging managers and family offices. Alongside this, Cohort 12 presents Decile Base, an innovative tool that provides immediate expert answers to all VC-related queries. These pioneering features, among others, underscore VC Lab’s commitment to fostering industry growth and shaping the future of venture capital.

“Venture capital is not just about investments, but making a difference.”

Adeo Ressi

Amid 2023’s economic volatility, Cohort 12 is set to help both new and emerging managers successfully raise capital and launch their funds. Offering structured support, valuable mentorship, and expert guidance, the program empowers managers to navigate complexities, close deals effectively, and capitalize on the current prime investment window. Despite the uncertainties, it is widely agreed that now is an opportune moment to invest, and Cohort 12 is poised to help managers seize this opportunity.

Final Deadline

August 11th, 2023


August 30th, 2023


December 20th, 2023

Cohort 12 Enhancements

Cohort 12 includes the following enhancements.

Addition of a Fund of Funds Track

A compelling addition to Cohort 12 is the Fund of Funds track. Geared towards emerging managers and family offices seeking to expand their VC investments, this track offers strategies to diversify portfolios, enhance risk management, and tap into the burgeoning potential of the VC sphere.

Expansion of the Emerging Manager Track

Cohort 12 reaffirms its commitment to the Emerging Manager Track, focusing on firms preparing for their Fund II. This initiative facilitates emerging managers in honing their investment strategies, optimizing operations, and enabling successful capital raises. With a history of fostering success, this track equips firms to ascend in the VC world.

Introduction of Decile Base

Unveiling in Cohort 12 is Decile Base, a state-of-the-art Learning and Logic Module (LLM) that provides immediate, professional answers to VC questions. Decile Base offers an draws off proven answers and also has expert panel ready to address new queries. As a tool, it’s geared to significantly boost efficiency and decision-making capabilities within the Cohort.

New Dealflow Sharing Tools

Recognizing the critical role of robust networks in VC, Cohort 12 will unveil dealflow sharing tools. These tools foster effective deal syndication, stimulating collaboration, and opening avenues for potential co-investments. This initiative is set to invigorate the VC ecosystem, enhancing its vibrancy and interconnectedness.

An Enhanced Curriculum

Building on its dynamic curriculum, Cohort 12 will feature more real-world activities, enriching the learning experience with practical, hands-on training. As the world moves past the pandemic, this enhanced curriculum offers a holistic understanding of the VC landscape.

Improved Working Groups

Cohort 12 will see restructured working groups, focusing on industry, geography, and experience levels. This strategy ensures participants maximize group interactions, learning from peers with similar experiences and challenges. The revamped groups, sorted by industry, geography, and expertise levels, aim to offer a more personalized and fruitful learning journey.

Expanded Office Hours

Committed to value addition and learning enhancement, Cohort 12 will extend office hours, incorporating experts from various fields. These sessions offer deep dives into specific topics, helping participants answer questions and gain insights, thereby facilitating informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Experimenting with Limited Partner Matching (BETA)

Venturing into new terrain, VC Lab will trial a limited partner (LP) matching program. This innovation aims to pair funds with prospective LPs, streamlining the capital raising process and ensuring it is more focused and effective.

Beyond these key features, Cohort 12 participants can look forward to a variety of other enhancements. VC Lab consistently aims to elevate the venture capital accelerator experience, and Cohort 12 will continue this trend, aiming to redefine the accelerator experience and amplify participants’ potential.

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Apply to Cohort 13

The Early Admissions Deadline is October 9th, 2023.

Market Leadership

By April 2023, VC Lab has marked its position as a leading launchpad for venture capital firms and funds. Within a span of 35 months, nine cohorts have been completed, and 324 VC firms accelerated with a target AUM exceeding $3.7 billion. 89% of funds focus on early-stage investments, predominantly at pre-seed or seed stages. The funds have backed companies with that have had over 140 up rounds. Inclusivity is a standout feature of VC Lab with 65% of VC firms hailing from international locations and a 28% female General Partner demographic. 65% of the firms are lead by solo General Partners.


With the introduction of Cohort 12, VC Lab continues to innovate, leading the charge in venture capital acceleration. Each new feature represents a strategic response to the evolving needs of the VC community. The power of these enhancements combined will enable Cohort 12 participants to leverage the full potential of venture capital, opening doors to unparalleled opportunities. In this journey, VC Lab remains committed to fostering growth, nurturing innovation, and shaping the future of venture capital.

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