VC Lab Cohort 13

Empowering the next generation of venture capitalists with strategic enhancements and revolutionary tools.

Introducing VC Lab’s Cohort 13, an improved fund launch experience from the leading venture capital accelerator.

Key initiatives include a Venture Studio Track, matching managers with talent from the Venture Institute, improvements in our integrated venture community tools, increased social exposure, and other rewards. These innovations are a small part of VC Lab’s dedication to molding a bright future for venture capital.

VC Lab participants and graduates have seen the largest level of commitments from limited partners in history over the summer of 2023. Cohort 13 stands ready to assist managers closing on capital and launching their funds.

With structured activities, ongoing mentorship, top-tier tools, and an active community, the program equips managers to tackle challenges, finalize deals efficiently, and get active during this current investment climate. Many believe that this is the best time to invest. Cohort 13 is perfectly positioned to guide managers in capitalizing on this moment.

“Venture capital is not just about investments, but making a difference.”

Adeo Ressi
Final Deadline

November 13th, 2023


November 27th, 2023


April 8th, 2023

Cohort 13 Enhancements

Cohort 13 includes the following program improvements:

Venture Studio Track

A new addition to Cohort 13 is the Venture Studio Track. This new track offers special strategies and direct feedback for emerging managers looking to launch a Venture Studio, Venture Builder, or Accelerator Fund.

Venture Institute Talent Matching

With the recent launch of the Venture Institute, our community has grown to include a pool of top interns, associates, and venture partners. We are starting to successfully match talent with funds at scale.

Expanded Capital Access

Decile Capital, the sister fund of funds of VC Lab, has expanded the pace of investment to back up to 2 new funds per month, focusing on new managers and helping the managers prepare for other institutional investors.

In Person Events

The VC Lab network is invited to the exclusive Decile Summit, an in person general partner and limited painter event in Silicon Valley. There will be dedicated VC Lab events at other major conferences worldwide, as well.

More Women GPs

VC Lab will host dedicated events for women in the program in an effort to try and break the record in Cohort X with 40% of firms having one or more female managers.

Decile Base Community

The exclusive Decile Base LLM for venture questions is now fully integrated into Decile Hub and includes communication channels, like Slack. Managers can chat with top experts and peers about fund needs in real-time, as well as get any questions answered by A.I. instantly.

Decile Hub Speed

The free Decile Hub SaaS platform for venture capital operations has a new user interface that is enhanced for speed, allowing managers to send materials, follow-up with limited partners, and secure commitments with just a couple of clicks.

Social Opportunities & Awards

Program participants have increased opportunities for social exposure and public awards during the program, with posts reaching thousands of entrepreneurs and limited partners.

Improved LP Matching (Beta)

Select managers are invited to match with a curated list of limited partners from the VC Lab growing database based on desired archetypes and the fund Thesis.

In addition to these primary attributes, Cohort 13 participants can anticipate a range of additional improvements. VC Lab is steadfast in its mission to enhance the venture capital accelerator journey. Cohort 13 is set to further this mission, striving to transform the accelerator experience and magnify the potential of its participants.

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Apply to Cohort 13

The Early Admissions Deadline is October 9th, 2023.

Market Leadership

VC Lab is the premier accelerator for top venture capital firms. With ten completed cohorts, VC Lab has accelerated 360+ firms that have over $4 billion target AUM. The vision is to transform venture capital into a force for good in the world, creating a supportive and inclusive environment for diverse and International managers, whether they are working on a new firm or a new fund.

How to Apply?

VC Lab is poised to receive a record amount of applications for the next cohort. To stand out, ensure you have a strong application. Some areas to stand out in the application process include:

  1. A memorable paragraph on your background that explains why you are uniquely suited to build a venture capital firm, sharing something interesting about you.
  2. A well formed fund Thesis with a clear value add that shows you have put thought into your fund.
  3. The ability to 40 hours or more per week of work into closing your fund as needed, since closing can be time consuming.
  4. A realistic assessment of your actual needs from a program like VC Lab to start a fund.
  5. A strong video where you look and sound professional about why you are uniquely suite to be a venture capitalist and any you are passionate about launching the fund.

If you get one of the coveted spots int he program, you will need to publicly share a commitment to the Mensarius Oath of ethical investing. Remember, admissions are competitive – so make your application shine.


With the launch of Cohort 13, VC Lab maintains its trailblazing spirit, leading advancements in venture capital acceleration. More managers are encouraged to help make the world a better place by launching a venture capital firm, and VC Lab is there to make that journey less challenging, more rewarding, and optimized for success. We believe in the power of next generation venture capital to help change the world for the better by backing things that matter.