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Decile Summit 2023

Welcome to Venture Capital 2.0

Decile Summit 2023
Decile Summit 2023 14

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The inaugural Decile Summit was held the first week of November, 2023 in the heart of Silicon Valley. It was an immersive three-day experience that brought together our global community of LPs, GPs, alumni, and members of the VC Lab community to meet and learn from one another.

As the venture capital industry continually evolves, it’s essential for both general partners and limited partners to stay ahead of the curve. This summit was the confluence of thought leadership, networking, and actionable insights. Learning and discussion topics included deal structure, portfolio management, managing fund allocation, securing institutional investments, due diligence tools, deal negotiation, and more.

The Summit Featured

– Workshops: tailored to help participants navigate the complexities of venture deal flow and structures.

– Networking Opportunities: to create lasting professional relationships and potentially lifelong friendships.

– Keynote Speakers: who are influential voices in the VC ecosystem, sharing their perspectives on the current landscape and what the future holds for 2023 and beyond.

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Decile Summit 2023 15
  • Evan Goldberg, Co-Founder of Netsuite
  • Adeo Ressi, CEO and founder of Decile Group/VC Lab
  • Steve Jurvetson, Managing Director of Future Ventures
  • Raj Kapoor, Managing Partner of Climactic
  • Barry Eggers, Co-Founder of Lightspeed Venture Partners
  • Martin Tobias, Managing Partner of Incisive Ventures
  • Youngrok Kim, Partner of GREE LP Fund
  • and more…
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